Thursday, June 11, 2009

Works in progress

I've finally got my square's done for Dana's quilt along. I'm enjoying the bright colors... it feels like summer around here. Mornings start really early in our home so by 8:30 there's usually plenty of little works happening. I took a few quick pictures (mostly to share with my sister who checks in every morning.)

Yesterday morning was rocky, but today it's really peaceful. I don't know why... maybe we're all just getting in the groove. Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason, I've decided. My little guy really enjoys dimensional art, and we've got a cupboard full of things that he likes to work with... toilet paper rolls, Styrofoam, tissue paper, cardboard, toothpicks... the list goes on. My friend recently shared a tip that her little boy treasures his office size tape dispenser above all. It's on my list as a birthday gift for my sweet guy.

My six year old got some scrap booking supplies from a friend for her birthday. This morning it was a huge hit. She worked on putting the pictures of her friends from school on some of the pages with all of her amazing little touches.
Lastly, these are some bags that I'm making to fill an order. Now... I've shown you the pretty pictures, but you should know that whenever I'm putting energy into one thing several other things are not getting done. There's plenty of cleaning to do, laundry, all the usual hum drum. But I know you'd rather look at pretty fabric than my dusty corners. So... whatever your works in progress today, whether the hum drum of work or the passion of creative endeavor, I hope that you find some peace and joy in the process.


Melissa said...

That is so beautiful. You know, I wish I could figure out what makes good energy with kids-- it's no different in my home than it was in my classroom. I can tell by 6:30 what the course of our day will be, just based on the energy. Today is an EXCITING day around here-- I hope to have some pics to show Monday for all the hard work I've been doing (instead of my laundry!)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Enjoyed reading about what you have been up to. Happy Summer!

Cheryl Arkison said...

The Monster is in love with glueing things. I've been trying to figure out a way to reuse all the pompoms.

Christy said...

Hi, I just found your blog from the quilt along flickr group. I'm really enjoying reading your blog.I love the fabric with the squares, in the last photo. Do you happen to know who makes it?