Friday, June 5, 2009

End of the school year

I've been feeling a little grouchy because I somehow said "yes" to volunteering for a school project which has turned into a whole lot of work. I have such a hard time saying "no." I need to keep working at that. The thing is, I can see how much of a difference I make when I say "yes." So often these days I notice that other parents aren't stepping up to the plate. I'm not judging, just noticing. Our time makes such a BIG difference to schools, teachers, and students. There is simply no way to quantify the effect that parent involvement has on the entire picture. So... anyhow... I'm hanging onto that as I toil away at this project when I would rather be spending any precious free time in any other way... even laundry. (Now, if you know me at all, that's pretty bad.)

I've also cranked out a bunch of teachers' gifts. I forgot to take pictures of the bags before I gave them away, but here are some of the cards. I bundled them in sets of five (the magic number for some reason.) I dug into the scrap bag, and it was really just loads of fun to make these. I want to do some more.

Remember some of these Amy Butler prints from the early days. I challenge you to find them for sale anywhere now. (And then email me immediately afterward.)

So, in looking forward to summer, I'm trying to get in the right mind set. I start out enthusiastically embracing time with my sweet ones. Somehow, though, I always lose my groove. It's the "law of diminishing returns," I guess. As time passes, I am less and less able to be my very best with my kids, and vice versa. We'll see. I have a few tweaks to my plan this year. One of them includes being a little more gentle with myself. I'm always too critical of myself as a mama. Another part of my plan is to reward as many positive behaviors as I can. Build on all the best, I say. Cause in a little less than a week, my friends, "Camp Heather" begins for the summer. I really want to make the best of it because deep down I believe this time is precious.


Melissa said...

I am so right there with you. We are ending up week two of Mommy Camp around here. It's hard. I have to say there are some days when my husband leaves for his (very stressful and demanding) job that I feel angry and jealous b/c whatever happens in his day, nobody will try to play "hide the poop" with him. I don't really have much of a plan, yet.

I love those cards-- I save even miniscule scraps because I'm just sure there is some use for them-- those cards are great. And right on, again, on what you say about the schools... as a former teacher I can really attest to that!

Betsy said...

I want to go to camp Heather this summer! There could be a lot of sewing and wine drinking and eating good food and taking walks. THAT is the camp that I want to attend.

Instead we will chase all these children around the pool and try to remind each other that each and every day is a new chance to be nice mommy.