Friday, March 25, 2011


Here it is! My latest quilt. It took me almost a year to complete, but who's counting. It's funny how hesitant I am to share any of my quilts on my blog. I am not prolific, nor extremely accomplished, but I do so love patchwork and free motion quilting.

This one is for close friends. In memory of their son, Alexander Oak. I quilted a tree in the middle and leaves throughout.

A quilt is the one way I know how to extend comfort to friends whose loss is beyond my imagination. Quilts are made to provide healing and happiness in my mind.

I fell in love with the backing. Lonni Rossi. She is so talented. This print seemed to embrace the cycle of life. I used fabrics predominantly by her with the exception of a few batiks and Aboriginal prints.

So, I've sewn the sleeve on the back for a wall hanging and the threads are snipped. Now, it's just ready to be delivered to it's new home. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Spring!

My sister was here for a week. She was the laundry fairy that I have always dreamed of having. Well, actually, you will be incredibly jealous to hear that she also cooked, cleaned, and helped with kids. It was a dream come true, and really, words can not express the gratitude I feel.

I greeted this day with a sense of excitement, hope in my heart, and laundry conquered. I love spring.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers for healing and comfort

(Bloodroot blooming in March, a Western North Carolina native)

I'm sending healing thoughts to all those suffering in Japan today.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March... you know what they say

"In like a lion, out like a lamb." Okay, okay. It wasn't quite the winter scene below. That was a couple of months ago. However, it was a wintry mix all day, and I just couldn't drag my butt out for a run. Snow coating the hillside and rhododendron leaves, in between sheets of rain? No big deal. I'll wait till tomorrow to fit in a run, thank you.

We meant to craft, but it never really happened. There was cleaning, forts built (destroying the sense of cleanliness), quite a long period of imaginary play, "Go Fish" negotiated between a 4 and an almost 8 year old, and then basil seeds planted (just about the time I thought I might lose my mind.)
Finally, yes, finally. I got to work on my projects. Birthday secrets for my big girl... I was completely content cutting up and combining fabrics. It's quicker than a quilt, but with all the satisfaction of patchwork. I was happy to give up my plans of planting strawberries, greens, and new potatoes. There was no way I was going outside today. On days like this, bliss is drinking tea and eating my mother in-law's cookies. I'll run it off tomorrow while I piece fabrics in my head.

Wouldn't it be something to achieve that state of contentment and bliss all week? Alright, I know, it's a non-reality. I always have the highest aspirations. I am the horse that starts out of the gate, spirited head held high. Somehow, though, I always finish in a lack luster position of not-so-noticeable standing. Does anybody else get that? So, I remind myself to think happiness with a modicum of grace mixed in. Sound good? Alright then, I'm headed for Monday with enthusiasm (and the knowledge that my sweet sister is arriving in just 6 days.) Maybe she can conquer the laundry.