Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our last day of 2008

We're still enjoying absolutely no schedule, lots of play time, and doing nothing as much as we can. I've "unplugged" from the computer for the last couple of weeks, and it feels just right. Hard to say when I might post again, but I'll be back. I'm keeping very busy with lots of sewing projects and knitting. My wish for this new year is greater peace, grace, and wisdom throughout the world, but also in my very own soul. New beginnings have always thrilled me. Happy new year to you, friends!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The most beautiful ornament on our tree

Isn't it just exquisite?! My sister made this for us. It is by far my favorite ornament. I asked her to share her recipe. She noted that you could also make these with kids using simple cookie cutter shapes and decorating just like cookies. She did this the next year with her four year old and the results were precious. So... here's the scoop:

1 c. cinnamon
1/4 c. applesauce
1/2 c. craft glue

mix cinnamon and applesauce then stir in glue. Toss dough over and over until consistency is smooth and dry. Let stand 1 hour. Turn out one quarter of dough onto cool, flat surface. Flatten with hands and roll out to 1/4/ inch thickness with rolling pin. spritz with water if becomes too dry. If it sticks, sprinkle pin or surface with cinnamon. Cut with cookie cutter of choice. For Birds, I actually photo copied different bird templates and traced onto cardboard. (the templates were given in the magazine and I am happy to share them with you). If you use a homemade template, you will need to cut them out with a utility knife. With drinking straw poke hole in dough at top of ornament. Lay flat on baking sheet. Repeat with remaining 3 quarters of dough. Preheat oven to 200 and bake until dry. approx 2 hours, flipping once . Or you can let them air dry on wire rack lined with paper towels for 24 hours, turning them over every 6 hours. The biggest issue is turning them so they dry flat...they tend to curl up.

To decorate, use white craft clue over areas you want to decorate and pick fun tiny craft beads of choice. Tap off excess and wait for area to dry before doing next color. When completely dry string ribbon through hole.

She is so talented and creative. If you have other great ornament ideas I'd love to see them. Have fun!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My quilted women's bags are in the shop!

I got another prompt today when I checked my messages. Every one's always asking if I sell women's bags. That's actually how I started out long before I knew what etsy was. I just kept them in my car and women would buy them right out of the trunk. A regular dealer... of bags, that is. Honestly, I've been making these bags for years, but they never hang around long enough for me to put them in etsy shop. I've perfected the design and size; it's my own pattern. Each one gets it's individuality from the free motion quilting. It's my passion; I get to draw with thread! So... if you're looking for a nice holiday gift, go check them out. These are the two I have left right now.

On another note, I'm being teased mercilessly by husband for my recent foray into facebook. A high school friend talked me into rejoining. I had given it up as "not my thing." In one weekend, I have reconnected with a huge pool of friends, all of whom I am happy to be back in touch with. What kicked it all of was a series of photos that my friend posted. Think classic eighties. The mullets and big hair abound. Too much fun to laugh at ourselves!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New size range

Whew! Well the fundraiser is over and the final exam administered and graded. I just have some loose ends to wrap up such as tallying final grades, and then it's full tilt into the holidays. We're getting excited around here. We decorated our tree yesterday, and as of today, only part of it has been destroyed by our little guy. That's pretty good, trust me. I figured the entire tree would be on the floor by now. Here's a smattering of the latest bags that I posted to etsy today. So fun. I'm making them in 3 different sizes now, so I'm looking forward to some feedback.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crafting with my girl

I can't wait to do more of this with her this season. I have to say, I absolutely love making stuff with my kids. If I were a good blogger I would link you to the site that this came from, but it's all over the crafting blogs and I've long since forgotten where I saw it. This one took quite a bit of mama help, but was so great for her with regard to working on her numbers. She did fold several of the cups, but lost interest in that after a while. I don't blame her. She did hang them all up. Thirty-one gets a bit repetitive. The best part for me, has been coming up with a little goody every day to put in the cup. I love the "elfin" part in "elfin magic." It's up in the air where we'll go with it. It started as an excercise in counting. I hope to link it to some spiritual aspects of the season. We'll see... last night's discussion about homeless vets digressed to bees and how they raise their babies.I just had to show you my "little south paw's" numbers. I am just so proud of her. I love her "nines." She is getting so big, so fast. She wrote every single number on her cups. Wow.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One more class to teach!

I am soooo looking forward to the semester ending, as much as I've enjoyed my students. I have been dreaming of creating final exams lately, and THAT is just not a restful dream. I would rather focus on enjoying this holiday season with my family and friends. Plus, I'm ready to get busy on some new projects! I won't mind being done with organizing fund raisers, either. One more sale to go this next weekend so I have some things left yet to knock out.

Should you have a chance to be inspired today, check out this featured seller at etsy. Her work is quite something. I love her designs. They are beautiful and clean. Next on my wish list is learning to do some print work on linen. I feel myself nearing that goal as I look at Skinny laMinx's work. It's an aside, but I'm fascinated by the way life has a way of unfolding into new paths when the time is right. For me, it always begins with a quiet dream kept all to myself. Then I talk about it a little with a close friend or two. Next thing you know, I'm sharing it on a blog. Yep. I'm headed for print work on textile. Mark my words.

In the meantime though, I'll keep drawing with thread and combining all the fabrics out there that I love so much. Here's the latest bag, created, finished, and sold.

I'll check back in after this next sale is over, the fund raiser's complete, and I give my class their final. You'll hear a big sigh of relief coming from my blog, I promise.