Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crafting with my girl

I can't wait to do more of this with her this season. I have to say, I absolutely love making stuff with my kids. If I were a good blogger I would link you to the site that this came from, but it's all over the crafting blogs and I've long since forgotten where I saw it. This one took quite a bit of mama help, but was so great for her with regard to working on her numbers. She did fold several of the cups, but lost interest in that after a while. I don't blame her. She did hang them all up. Thirty-one gets a bit repetitive. The best part for me, has been coming up with a little goody every day to put in the cup. I love the "elfin" part in "elfin magic." It's up in the air where we'll go with it. It started as an excercise in counting. I hope to link it to some spiritual aspects of the season. We'll see... last night's discussion about homeless vets digressed to bees and how they raise their babies.I just had to show you my "little south paw's" numbers. I am just so proud of her. I love her "nines." She is getting so big, so fast. She wrote every single number on her cups. Wow.

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Cheryl A said...

That's some fantastic writing!