Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our last day of 2008

We're still enjoying absolutely no schedule, lots of play time, and doing nothing as much as we can. I've "unplugged" from the computer for the last couple of weeks, and it feels just right. Hard to say when I might post again, but I'll be back. I'm keeping very busy with lots of sewing projects and knitting. My wish for this new year is greater peace, grace, and wisdom throughout the world, but also in my very own soul. New beginnings have always thrilled me. Happy new year to you, friends!


Jen, Garrett and T.J. said...

Happy New Year!! Something fun for 2009 - we will all be in Asheville April 24 through May 1.

We love you guys!! the Tibbetts crew

Cheryl A said...

I'm just back myself. Hope to see you soon. PS Where did you get that graphic? I love it!