Monday, December 15, 2008

My quilted women's bags are in the shop!

I got another prompt today when I checked my messages. Every one's always asking if I sell women's bags. That's actually how I started out long before I knew what etsy was. I just kept them in my car and women would buy them right out of the trunk. A regular dealer... of bags, that is. Honestly, I've been making these bags for years, but they never hang around long enough for me to put them in etsy shop. I've perfected the design and size; it's my own pattern. Each one gets it's individuality from the free motion quilting. It's my passion; I get to draw with thread! So... if you're looking for a nice holiday gift, go check them out. These are the two I have left right now.

On another note, I'm being teased mercilessly by husband for my recent foray into facebook. A high school friend talked me into rejoining. I had given it up as "not my thing." In one weekend, I have reconnected with a huge pool of friends, all of whom I am happy to be back in touch with. What kicked it all of was a series of photos that my friend posted. Think classic eighties. The mullets and big hair abound. Too much fun to laugh at ourselves!


Dana said...

Oh I LOVE them!!! Love the shape and size. When I have some extra money I'll be buying one for sure!

Liz said...

I have gotten sucked into facebook recently too. It amazes me who is on there. I have found a bunch of old school people. It is kind of fun. I moved past it being kind of geeky and now I like tlaking with people again. I will have to look you up on there too!