Saturday, August 28, 2010

On hiatus

It appears that I need to announce an official break from posting on my blog. Our gmail is down for the count, so I can't even answer emails... such a drag. However, the bigger deal is that I have been very sick and in pain every day since I was bitten by that dog on August 4. I've had four rounds of antibiotics now. My body is totally wrecked from fighing infection and dealing with pain. I wish I had more positive things to report, so.... I'm going to unplug and focus all my energies on healing.

See you all soon.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knitting for that baby...

.... the one we can't wait to meet. My niece! There's all kinds of excitement around here as we talk about babies and retell stories about, "when you were a baby..." I wish that I had taught myself to knit before I had babies. It's been the perfect thing to sit around and do.

This hat just begged to be modeled on the Effanbee doll that was mine when I was a child. (It's closing in on 40 years old.) But about the hat, so small that I can't believe a baby's head is ever so tiny. It's funny how much you forget.... how their head fit in the palm of your hand. This hat (70 stitches CO, size 2 needles) was knit using the Magic Loop Method and I loved learning it. I'll definitely be using this method again, and it makes so much sense. Easy... circular knitting with no double point needles... gotta love that! I added the I-cord up top for a little flower look.

The booties were a pleasure to knit. These from Erika Knight's newest book Natural Nursery Knits. This book, I got from our public library. It's just dreamy to look at with beautiful photos. You'll find yourself wanting another baby even if you don't knit. My husband and I keep joking about how wonderful it will be to have another baby in the family that we can love on and then hand back to mama and daddy. Perfect, if you ask me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feeling the light

Thank you so much everyone who has sent their well wishes with a phone call, an email, a meal, or a comment left on my post. I do, indeed, believe that my recovery has been speedier thanks to all of the love and light sent my way. I can't tell you how much it has meant to me to have so many people that I don't even know expressing concern. It has renewed my faith in the goodness of people, when I must say that the owners of the dog have caused me to question that lately. So... thank you, thank you, thank you! You changed my life with your gestures of caring. Now isn't that just a terrific reminder of the power we all have? Really. It makes such a difference.

P.S. If you can believe it, our gmail account has crashed. So if you're not hearing from me via an email, that's why! Could be a while by the looks of things....

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was bitten (attacked, really) by a dog that was on leash when trail running 8 days ago. This picture is from day 3. It has been one long week, and I'm still struggling to wrap my brain around it all. This definitely falls in the unexpected events category for the summer. I've been dealing with alot of pain and I'll spare you the emotional details associated with being attacked by a dog.

I was inspired by this and joined team Improv(e) your Butt to focus on getting more excercise. I had no idea that my goal for getting healthier would be curtailed by a dog. I did, however, piece an improv doll quilt for our sweet friend's seventh birthday after I could move around again. She loved it and that made it all worthwhile.

My sister gave me a card addressed to "gimpy" and the inside said something to the effect, "that mama said there would be days like this." Really? O.K..... but such a huge chunk of the summer? Come on, now. It has to let up soon.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The new meditation

Painting. I swear, I should have calculated the hours. I would be astounded. Nearly every bit of paneling on the first floor has been painted at this point.... by me.

Kitchen? Check.
Laundry room? Check.
Funky seventies bathroom with no less than 4 different colors of porcelain? Check.
I do believe it has helped my stress level just a tad. I love a task accomplished. To reward myself? Had to get a bird print from this talented lady.... it makes me very happy.