Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knitting for that baby...

.... the one we can't wait to meet. My niece! There's all kinds of excitement around here as we talk about babies and retell stories about, "when you were a baby..." I wish that I had taught myself to knit before I had babies. It's been the perfect thing to sit around and do.

This hat just begged to be modeled on the Effanbee doll that was mine when I was a child. (It's closing in on 40 years old.) But about the hat, so small that I can't believe a baby's head is ever so tiny. It's funny how much you forget.... how their head fit in the palm of your hand. This hat (70 stitches CO, size 2 needles) was knit using the Magic Loop Method and I loved learning it. I'll definitely be using this method again, and it makes so much sense. Easy... circular knitting with no double point needles... gotta love that! I added the I-cord up top for a little flower look.

The booties were a pleasure to knit. These from Erika Knight's newest book Natural Nursery Knits. This book, I got from our public library. It's just dreamy to look at with beautiful photos. You'll find yourself wanting another baby even if you don't knit. My husband and I keep joking about how wonderful it will be to have another baby in the family that we can love on and then hand back to mama and daddy. Perfect, if you ask me.


liz at olliekate said...

AHHH! So stinking cute Heather. I want some!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Oh indeed! Those booties are adorable.

(My little one picked out her socks for bed last night and grabbed the hand me down knit ones from her 12 year old cousin, and she calls them slippery socks. Handknits and hardwood floors don't mix!)

Jennifer said...

On the contrary Cheryl...I and my 5 year old boy reckon knit socks and a polished wood floor are the ultimate mix!!
And Heather...how big can you knit those booties?!! They are gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Those are so precious. I MUST learn how to knit.

I hope the dog bite is healing well-- it is nasty and what a horrible experience. I know you need your running to be a clear-headed mama.

So...after one day in the mountains to drop off the kids, I'm back here for a week of work (THIS part I did not sign up for!) So much for my vacation. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that our family reunion in Ashville is Sat. afternoon-- do you have plans Sat. morning? I won't know anything until I can get my mother-in-law on the phone, but my relaxing week in Montreat has turned into one night and one day... and I MISS my kids, who are there right now without me!

Anonymous said...

ADORABIBBLE!!:) How very fun and exciting for all! Even me!! Love you and miss you too. Noreen