Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's growin' and goin' in our garden

These are the peas that she and I planted on her birthday. We've done it every year since her first birthday. We got to eat our first ones this week and it was exciting. Especially because some critter keeps digging holes and munching the plants off at the roots. If I could catch that critter it would not be pretty. As of now, about half of our snow peas are dead on the trellis. Big sigh.We picked our first raspberries the other day! She ran in and asked for a photo document. That gave me a good chuckle. She planted just six canes with her grandmother and grandfather three years ago. It was a birthday gift from them that has multiplied about ten times. We now have at least 30 raspberry plants, maybe more.
This morning my little guy and I took advantage of the overcast weather. We got busy on some weeds in the vege beds, and seeded some more arugula and carrots. The heirloom tomato plants that I got from this wonderful farm are cranking. We'll be headed out to the local tailgate markets this weekend for some of what we don't have in our garden. Mmmmm.... I can taste the goodness already.

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