Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Needed a change of pace

I got a little burnt out on sewing cards for teachers so the last few sets I printed up with the stamps that I carved previously. Remember these?

Yesterday, we harvested a bunch of sugar snap peas despite that pesky varmint that's been killing the vines. They were so amazing... refreshing, crisp, and sweet. I found myself remembering this time last year when they were all tough and tasteless from drought. It's been a very wet spring in these parts and I hope that we continue to get afternoon showers.

We lost our first bee hive yesterday. I came home with my little guy, and they were gone. It was the "bee tree" hive, and we had tried to relocate them to a box this past weekend. There were a number of factors involved, and as a result, a number of lessons to be learned. My husband is so bummed, and totally blames himself. It's so interesting to me how attached we've gotten to these bees. He and I both feel like we're the caretakers and we don't want to fail them. My guess is that he feels that responsibility even more deeply than I do because he spends so much time taking care of them. Ah... life. It's good when the more difficult things to deal with are lost bees... I think.
P.S. I came home this morning to find a yearling black bear in our trash. The worst part was that it wasn't very bothered by a mini van honking at it. I think this one is used to being around people. Bummer for me because now I will have to be especially hyper vigilant when the kids are out in the yard this summer.

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Melissa said...

Bears. Woah. I like the prints-- are those notecards?