Thursday, September 25, 2008

The world is not coming to an end.. I think.

What a frustrating day yesterday was and I was fully consumed by the anxiety of it. I'm getting worse rather than better at dealing with my stress... no, that's not true. The stressors have been on the increase lately and it is difficult to remain calm. So... I'm warning you in advance, this is not a Susie Sunshine kind of post.

I waited for a total of 3 hours in gas lines yesterday. During the last hour of my wait the fuel light was shined orange every time I turned the car on to inch forward. (My fuel light means that the tank is "EMPTY", not "sure, there's more... this is just a warning.") Yes, in Asheville and the surrounding area, we are experiencing a gas shortage which has led to a total frenzy for everyone. There is no gas; people are mobbing the station when they see a tanker pull in. There are fights breaking out at gas stations, traffic jams on the highways, cars being towed having run out of gas, and just a general chaos. I wish that I had thought to bring my camera yesterday to take a picture of the line that I was in. Instead, I give you a picture of my friends the bee and the ladybug hanging out in perfect harmony on my flowers. Wouldn't want you to join me in my anxiety.

I am bad for tapping into other's emotions too easily. I can be one big sponge that just sucks it all up. It's easy to do right now. Big things are amping this country up and with good reason. We're facing a possible recession, and we have a political actress parading for a possible vice presidential office when we desperately need strong leadership and change in this country. Did anyone catch the clips from last night's interview on CBS with the illustrious Alaskan? I heard snippets on NPR and let me tell you, your blood pressure would be elevated right now too. Things such as this make it difficult not to be consumed by worry. Oh, and did I mention that yesterday someone stole my friend's commuter bike from outside her workplace? It was a junk bike for heaven's sakes! What is wrong with people?!

I am proud of myself for going for a run/jog with that last half hour I had left of free time after my gas adventure. The weather yesterday was magnificent. I soaked up the bright blue sky and the mountains, letting my legs work out my frustrations. It was just what I needed. Then, the bitter irony is that I hopped back in my car, guzzled up my new hard-earned gas, and went to pick up my little guy from his program.

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Noreen said...

Wow! I really enjoyed reading your blogs and getting to know you and your sweet life better!!!!!! Have a fun-filled weekend. Love and hugs, Noreenjgsjh