Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For What It's Worth

After going through a ridiculously anxiety provoking experience with our daughter regarding her health, I can say that she is just fine. I really have no desire to spend a great deal of time going into detail, so instead I will tell you what I learned. I learned to ask more questions before acquiescing to medical tests for my children. I also learned that it is incredibly hard not to be consumed by fear when it comes to my children's health and welfare. Balancing this fear with the need for more information is no easy task. I am not blaming myself or others, but I will do it differently should there be a next time.

On the flip side, I am thoroughly enjoying teaching my class at present. It is on diversity and the topic thrills me. My students are embracing the material I present to them, and much critical thinking and excellent discussion has ensued. I love it. I share lots of media clips and you tube videos in the classes. One of the clips I thought to share with you all was a Bill Moyer's interview with Newark mayor, Corey Booker. I was completely inspired by this interview and my students were too. One of my favorite parts is when he says that the incredible richness of America is our diversity. He says that it's important not to be "homogenized" and I believe this. He tells people to look at what they can do personally to affect change around them. Whenever I am tempted to insulate myself, I remind myself that for better or for worse, I am a part of this community and this country.

That said, I will happily remove myself from the social issues of this world when we go for a walk this afternoon after my little guy wakes up. The cardinal flower is blooming now. Fall is so near.

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