Thursday, September 11, 2008


Who doesn't love sock monkeys, I ask you? I've been throwing together a few more bags recently. I just really couldn't resist a sock monkey on pink. I remember when my daughter was born and for the entire first year of her life, she wore zero pink. This was in part because we did not know her gender until she was born, thus forcing folks to give us lots of yellow and green clothing. The other piece of it was that my husband and I were pretty firmly against the gender specific color... pink. This makes me laugh hard now. It is amazing all of the ideas that you have when the first comes into the world. Ideas abound about how you will raise them and what parents should and should not do. I have learned so much in five years of parenting. Letting go of pink is the least of it, let me tell you. We have many amazing moments around here and many not so. It's a roller coaster nearly every day. I should charge admission. A friend of mine that I don't see as often as I did this summer has taken to keep track of me through my posts. She lamented over the phone one day that her morning had not been nearly as idyllic as mine was in my post. I almost choked. "That's just blogland!" I exclaimed. It would be difficult, time consuming, and fairly dull if I shared the downsides of any of my days. Of course I would rather write a quick blurb about the positive than fixate on the negative in a blog post! So rest assured, folks... it's crazy around here. We look just like these monkeys most days.

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serenitymeadow said...

This is so pretty. PINK rules! I used some of the various sock monkey fabrics to make a baby quilt..if you scroll down you can see it on my blog.