Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall in the South

Wow. I just had the nicest nap. What a difference that can make! It was just an hour, but all week long I have been needing that. I haven't posted in a while because something funky was going on with blogger; I was completely unable. I discovered this one afternoon after wasting about an hour trying to post one day. Some times you just have to throw in the towel. I could have screamed with frustration. It was just a crazy week. Since school started, I am struggling to figure out a sane rhythm for our days.

Today is spectacular here. It is a perfect fall day and we're looking forward to more tomorrow. We spent a really nice morning with my sister, her boyfriend, and her daughter. It was incredible to watch my niece running after a soccer ball. She scored three times during the game and is a total natural. We are a family a soccer players (my sisters, my grandfather, etc.) so my sister and I cheered with secret pride. It was so fun to see one of our brood excel, and excel at a sport that we love with passion.

I've been meaning to mention for a while a book that I finished at the beach. It's written by a woman in Asheville, NC. By the cover, she looks to be about my age or younger. Her name is Sarah Allen Addison and the book, "Garden Spells." She also wrote "The Sugar Queen" which I intend to read. "Garden Spells" was a lovely book filled with magical realism and plenty to make your heart feel good. It wasn't mushy or without depth, just lovely in it's own sweet Southern way. Definitely a nice read.

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