Friday, September 26, 2008


Wow. Thanks for indulging me in my ranting yesterday (if you read my post.) I am a passionate person and whatever that passion is focused on at the moment... look out. Come to think about it, my husband and kids are passionate people. Whatever we feel, we seem to feel strongly and you can pretty much tell, even if you're standing on the other side of the street. When we walk in, I can't imagine anyone thinking, "what a peaceful family." Nope, we feel strongly, whether it's joy, frustration, sadness, or anger. I'm with the right guy and kids, that's for sure.

It's fall in the garden around here. Crisp and cool. There are some tomatilloes and peppers working their way to full size. The basil and arugula are in their prime. Some zinnias and asters are smiling at us. The last of the tomatoes are giving themselves up. These are pictures from yesterday. Today is cool and rainy... perfect naptime weather.

I had a special night with my long time friend and college roommate. She treated me to Lucinda Williams, now how about that?! It was fantastic to share a bottle of wine and catch up with someone who knows me inside and out before the show. And the show, well how can you sum Lucinda up in one word? Passion, yes definitely... passion.

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