Wednesday, September 10, 2008

fairies and their unicorns

My little girl is pretty obsessed with fairies and unicorns/horses. It's the sweetest thing. Naturally, I support her completely in her belief in the fairies that inhabit the yard. We have fairy havens every where and gifts for fairies are left nearly daily. It's pretty wonderful.

So... back in April I traced this unicorn and fairy from one of her art stencils. These stencils are made by Lyra out of Germany. My daughter has used them to created all kinds of work and loves them. Incidentally, another favorite from the same company is their gel crayons. Now, these are amazing. They are similar to oil pastels and come in vibrant colors. They are water soluble so after coloring with them she paints with water on a brush. They mix and blend... a little artist's dream.

But, I digress. The shirt was finally finished in August at the beach. For the record, I love doing freehand embroidery and it really doesn't take all that long. It's cheap too. Especially if you have a stash of all your mom and grandma's old thread. The reason this little project took so long was because it was a big work on a stretchy surface. I wish that I had embroidered on broadcloth and appliqued that on the t-shirt. Hind sight... sigh.

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