Tuesday, September 30, 2008

cookie cutter

Sometimes it's about the process. It's definitely a form of meditation for me to work on my sewing projects, kind of like running or mtn. biking is also meditative for me. At times though, I feel twitchy and I just want to whip something out fast. It's really more about product and I NEED that sense of accomplishment. Some days (you know the ones), the greatest accomplishment was getting the bed made. So once in a while, I just need the finished product.

This elephant is one of those. I traced a cookie cutter we had onto the front of one of his sister's previous outfits, hoping to make it appear a little more boy. Poor guy, I know, dressed way too often in his sister's hand-me-downs. I popped the outfit into the hoop and did the embroidery in about an hour. There were times when I was walking around behind him, still sewing, while he explored outside.

I'll admit, in the quest for the finished product, I often have to get creative with how I'll achieve that. Sometimes the kids are fully involved and then somehow the project just has to get put to the side. I remind myself to be present, and enjoy what I have on those occasions. Really, what I have is so good.


Wendy said...

Thanks for joining my group...just stopped by your blog to say hi...love this idea for a cookie cutter...I used it to make a Christmas quilt recently and machine appliqued the pieces...turned out cute. Have a great day. Wendy www.therunningquilter.blogspot.com

Another said...

What a cute elephant and I love the bag in the previous post.