Thursday, August 7, 2008

This much I know...

I love where I live. We are living a life of our choosing. We live in an area that does not have the job opportunities and salary base of others. I am living in this teeny tiny old house with three other humans on one person's salary. Believe me, at times I have my doubts. I wonder if I will have a career left when I return to the "paying" work force full time. But then I look at my kids and I see the things they're doing and learning. I'm glad that I've gotten to be such a part of their early years. I'm happy to live simply. I look around me and am awed daily by the beauty of the area we live in. And here's the amazing thing. It's the thing I could have never predicted. I am changing and growing too, in ways that I could have never imagined. A precious thing indeed.

These pictures are one last one from the quilt show. You can see I was blown away by what I saw there. I can't quit showing you the pictures!

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