Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I know, I know...

It's been a while since I heard a "why?" question around here. She's been firmly entrenched in the "know-it-all" mode for a while. Often, though, she asks, "what does that mean?" I don't mind answering this one as much as the "why's" for some reason. Maybe I'm just grateful to hear her ask for my input at all these days. Yesterday, in the car caught me off guard, but not in a bad way. It's just made me reflect on how quickly our kids are growing. The question was, "why do the trees wave to us when there's wind?" Oh, okay, I can handle that. I said, "trees bend, or they'd break." My next thought was, "I'm pretty sure I'm reciting a line from a Jewel song to my little girl." Oh, well, it was probably the best lyric she ever came up with and should be repeated. Little did I know, this answer would lead to a longgggg discussion about how much trees could bend before they'd break. In the end, I smiled and said, "why don't we ask your dad about it... he knows alot about trees!" Yep. I threw in the towel. I remember those "why" questions now.

So, in honor of the "tree why's" here's one more quilt from the show. It was exquisite in it's detail.

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