Monday, August 4, 2008


I tell you, this girl astounds me nearly every day with her creativity. I know it is a mother's pride, and I know that children everywhere are wonderfully creative. It's not that I'm comparing. She just blows me away. The painting is of our dog. He's black and he looks exactly that happy. She captured his essence.

The "quilt" was a complete surprise. One of the many that pops up during the day around here. The box of scraps is always out and nearly always being filled up by me. It is emptied out nearly as quickly by my kids, for all sorts of things. Tape is not safe from our big girl. If you want to wrap a present in this house, you'd better depend on glue.
She's always using up all the tape. This quilt is for her horse "to keep him safe" she told me.

This morning marked the first time I have seen my kids work on a picture together. Often there are squabbles, sometimes there's cooperation, and every once in a while there are too short moments of kind play. This was different, though. They were both so purposeful and intent. I wish I had a picture of it to show you right now. To me, it is amazing. I am often grateful that my mom made art and the creation of art such a focus in our home. I am loving providing that for my kids now.


Lisa said...

This is true talent and so like her mother! I love it and am amazed.
Auntie Lisa

jenbetty said...

are you sure that's the dog? looks more like her daddy after a tuff day of work!