Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Quilt Show entitled "Piece for Peace"

So while the kids are consuming their smoothies (made from peaches from just over the state line), I'm going to share some exquistite work with you. These quilts are from the Asheville Quilt Show last weekend. I had a chance to go and was just in awe and completely inspired by the work of so many talented artists. My pictures really can not do justice to the beauty and magnificence of each of these pieces. The detailing with thread alone was awe inspiring. I've gotten pretty good at free motion quilting on the machine, but I want to be able to do some of what I saw at the show. It was just incredible the depth that some quilters could create with thread alone.

Alas, the smoothies are over and my little natives are always restless. Time to go. I had really meant to look up the names and artists of each of these quilts so as to give each person their much deserved credit. Maybe I will have more time later, or if it's important to you, contact me and I'll look it up. Have a great day, everyone! It's going to be a hot one here.

Oh, and about those peaches. They're to die for this year. You really can't eat just one.


Jason said...

My favorite is the orange quilt on the bottom. It is beautiful.

- Jason

jenbetty said...

second quilt from the top reminds me of standing in the woods during a snow fall. put yourself there, check it out, squint just a touch. it really does!
thanks for sharing, love yer work,