Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A blessing

I really want to share this excerpt from Stefani at Blue Yonder. She wrote the following in her August 25, 2008 about kids and school:

"And I have a few butterflies too. I think whether you are waving goodbye to your little ones as they board the big yellow bus, or you're stirring Irish porridge as your homeschooler comes sleepy-eyed into the kitchen, fully expecting you to walk with him down this day's learning path, a little worry comes with the territory.

Will he have what he needs?
Will the world be kind to him?
Will he grow to love learning?
Will he be a good friend?
Will he handle adversity well?
Will he remember who he is?
Will he learn and laugh and carry my love with him?

So, whether you navigated the carpool line this morning, or whether you're a new homeschool mama, with her lists and painstakingly researched curriculum, or whether you're an unschooler waiting for your kids to wake up with the flood of questions that will inspire lots of new learning adventures, or even if your "schooling" is some combination of all of the above, bless you.
Bless you for the heart and soul, love and concern, time and energy that you are investing in the young minds that are next in line for great things.
Bless you, and bless the little ones (and not so little ones) in your care. May they inherit all the magic and wonder of the world."

Isn't that just perfect? This meant so much to me. I needed this blessing.

I thought she so eloquently included all of the parents in this world and honored their decisions. I struggle with these decisions about schooling and I know so many parents who do. One of the beautiful things about our country is it's diversity, I think. I also believe our children will benefit the most if we embrace one another, openly acknowledging our differences, and take pleasure in the fact that it is this incredible tapestry of difference which strenghtens us as a whole.

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