Sunday, August 3, 2008

I've opened my shop door at Etsy!

I'm pinching myself. I've been mulling over selling my work on etsy for about a year now. Such an adventure I've embarked upon. I feel anxious and excited, but mostly terribly afraid of failure. When I stop to recognize this in myself it amazes me how cautious I have become over the last several years. This, from a girl who has paddled class V creeks, climbed mountains, consumed books like they were chocolate, ridden my bike across state, taught myself to sew, and most noteworthy... birthed children! Fear is a tricky little monster.

This collection of bags is one I first designed for my daughter and niece three years ago. It has turned out to be, what I consider, the perfect bag. It is washable, and just the right size for everything she likes to cart around. It fits over her shoulder or can be carried in hand. As it turns out, it is also terrific for a snack bag. A Sigg bottle and food sit down in the bag with just enough room left for any little fairy or rock that she needs to make it through the day. I have made many of these bags for birthday gifts, much to the excitement of moms and kids alike. I plan to make one for my little guy to haul around with more "boy-like" fabrics. He's having trouble hanging on to all his matchbox cars these days.

So click on the link at the top right of my page under Brown Robin's etsy shop, and pass it along to anyone whom you think might be interested. I'm pleased to share with you the things that I've been working on and plan to add more each day next week.


Liz said...

YEAH Heather! It looks fantastic. I love the bags, the fabric and feel of your shop :)
I am very proud of you.
I will link you on our blog and favorites too.
Congratulations :)

Lisa said...

These are amazing! The fabrics are beautiful and full of joy. We love the ours and use it for so many things. Today we used it for her lunch and water bottle at camp. Thank you for the amazing gift! It's a must have for every small child.

jenbetty said...

when do we get to see some big girl bags and quilts?

love your stuff,