Friday, October 31, 2008

Is it really Friday?

When I feel this tired, I always plan on writing nothing at all, but here I am. It's the end of a big week and it's Halloween. There have been so many highlights to this week. I connected with an old college friend. During the course of that conversation we both realized how great it felt to talk with one another. We've both changed so much and so little nearly 20 years later. Good friends helped me out with a photography dilemma. It was just such a life saver because the task should have been small, but somehow turned into a mountain. Long story.... not worth going into. I had another conversation with a friend who reminded me how right everything is in my life, even though I worry and wonder about my career winking at me in the past, still "on hold." This decision I've made to be present with my kids while they're young is not always a clear one. I want it all, and that is no easy thing to achieve.

There were real downers too this week. A dear friend of ours has been struggling with MS for years. This month, the disease has been kicking his bottom, and it just breaks my heart. He is hopefully receiving some intensive medical treatment even as I write that can get him back to his old self. Send a warm thought his way if you can.

In an effort to avoid some of the things I needed to get done, and some of the things that are dragging me down right now, I got online. What good red blooded American doesn't do that to tune out I ask you? I came across this site and submitted two of the quilts from above in their contest. Why the heck not, right? You can too if you hurry, my quilting friends... the deadline is tomorrow. But surely you have something you need to avoid doing and should spend the time instead submitting a picture of your beautiful work. You can take a look at everyone's quilts... prepare to be inspired.


serenitymeadow said...

Pretty quilts! I adore seeing quilts on a clothesline with a breeze blowing through them.

Rosa said...

Lovely quilts. I am starting to have a need to finish the three quilts that I've started and have never completed. You are an inspiration!