Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today in my world

These are the zinnias that I frantically picked at the end of the day yesterday when my husband said it might snow in the night. Secretly I thought he was surely wrong, but I cut a bunch, not all. Yes, they are in a bucket from the beach and yes, that is lovely designer 50's Formica in the background. No fancy granite back splash for this house.

Tuesday mornings are always a frenzy in this house because that's the day I teach so we all have to get out the door and look halfway decent. This morning's frenzy involved lots of excitement about snow for the kids. For my husband and I, it was all about figuring out if work would continue, possible school closings or delays, and where in the heck were the winter jackets, mittens, and hats from last year?! When I got home I took a few pictures my little guy ran wild exclaiming over and over "SNOW!!!!"

Finally, I wrangled him inside for a nap and he could just barely stop talking about it. Looking out the window now it is as if it never happened.... our blizzard in October in the southeast.

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Jason said...

Heather -

Your writing is almost poetic and a joy to read. I am so glad that the four of you had a great time. Lisa and I prayed that you would! See you Saturday night at the party.