Friday, October 10, 2008

It's more fun to write than clean

Let's face it. It's more fun to do just about anything than clean. Yesterday had all it's usual ups and downs. I did not get nearly the number of things done that I felt needed to be done. Why is it so easy to focus on all the downs when it's an overcast day?

I'd like to tell you that I accomplished great things, that my life was extraordinary and not just the ordinary. I'd like to tell you that I changed lives, won the Nobel Peace prize, created great works of art, earned a significant income. Instead, the toilet stopped up, I cleaned, did laundry, made meals for the fam, and went for a lovely walk with my kids and our dear friends. I did not get any of my students' test graded, or prep for the next class.

At nap time my little guy nearly shook the crib to pieces. He wasn't mad either, he's just that energetic. Ask anyone who knows him or has seen his blurred outline running by. After the shaking and jumping, I heard coming from the room, "1, 2, 3...." and then, "8, 9, 10." He's not even 26 months yet! How do they grow up so fast? I wanted to go in and ask him if he could channel some of that energy and intelligence into getting out of diapers, but I held back.

He also went up to every single kid and mom yesterday when we were leaving the school and gave them a hug. This guy is a hugger and he wants everyone around him to feel the love.... pretty sweet.
This, by the way, is our lone butternut squash. We planted a packet full of seeds and this is the sole result. Send it nurturing thoughts because we're really hoping that it grows substantially more so that we can eat it. Every day my big girl asks if it's ready yet. "Nope," I say every day, "not quite yet." I explained the concept of a watched pot never boiling yesterday. She looked at me and announced, "mom, this is not a pot." Right... got it.

So at the end of the day yesterday, I had to remind myself that the choices I am making are soooo right for me and my family. It's hard to quantify what I do in a day and make it look like anything at all. Really, it's about what you can't see and add up in this world, isn't it?


Liz said...

Love the picture of him! All that dirt sums up a boy in one quick glance doesn't it? So you can add laundry to your list too!
Miss ya!

bigbucketgirl said...

Your post made me laugh! My youngest son is 3 and I recognise the crib shaking and blurry edges! He is a dynamo! I hope your squash survives...we planted row after row of pumpkins last year but all we got was fat mice after they ate all the seeds!

I've got two minutes before the pasta boils over to read some more brownrobin....

Cheryl A said...

Your youngest and my oldest are the same age. The counting thing amazes me too! Every day the actual order of the number changes, but it always precedes a decision to race across the room or do a bum drop on the bed.