Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're all about owls around here

This household is pretty obsessed with owls. We have several in our "yard." We go out and listen to them at night. There's many a morning when we cuddle in our bed and listen to them in the morning before dawn. It feels special, like we're watched over and kept somehow, safe. My oldest can tell you all kinds of info on these feathered friends, should you be interested. Last year at her birthday party, we had the extraordinary surprise of having a real live owl with a handler. So... when I saw this fabric, I had to snatch it up, right? This pattern is a freebie at grand revival design, just click here. It was super fast to make, but definitely a bit on the small side. The generous person who shared this pattern says that it fits her daughter who is a 5 or 6. I would probably call it more of a size 4, maybe 5. If you have an almost 3 yr. old, I almost think you could make do with the dimensions and just make the elastic in the waist tighter. It would only add flounce to the skirt. What little girl doesn't love that?


Liz said...

Oh so cute! Glad to see you on here again :)

Cheryl A said...

Oh, I need to know where that owl fabric came from!