Friday, January 23, 2009

Sewing for a birthday

There is something so sweet about knowing a little one for their entire lifetime. Watching them grow is a joy and a wonder. We are headed to a six year old's birthday party tomorrow. This little girl and mine have known each other since they were just about 3 months old. (It took me that long to get out of the house to meet up with another mom!) What a blessing that I did. These girls share just as many interests as their mommies do. They are also very different (in amazing ways) which makes it such a lovely wonder to watch both girls develop.

I made this pair of pants and I hope she likes them. It's always a crap shoot at this age. I have to say, that if she doesn't wear them, I wish I could. Maybe if I lost a few more pounds?! This is my all time favorite girl fabric. I think it's the bold pattern. Apples and pears with a little rick rack thrown in... perfect, if you ask me. Now we'll have to see what the six year old contingent thinks tomorrow.


tracy said...

"I like these pants that you made me, and I'm wearing them to bed tonight. Thanks!" says the six year old. We love you!


Liz said...

Love them! Do they come in a size 2? LOL!