Monday, January 19, 2009

It feels like a party

What an amazing time in history this is! It is one of the few occasions when I wish we had cable t.v. Right now, Martin Luther King's entire speech is being broadcast on CNN. I hadn't thought about it, but I've never heard the entire speech and apparently it is quite a rare event. I plan to borrow a friend's taped copy. The discussions that MLK day and the inauguration have generated around our house are energizing. Our almost 6 year old has a very keen sense of what is fair and what is not. We have been talking lots about Barak Obama, but today she wanted to understand more about why Martin Luther King Jr. is so famous. We talked about racism and the blatant discrimination that has been a part of our country's recent history, using 6 year old language. We also talked about the fact that some folks still treat others differently based on their skin color, and how unfair this is. There was so much more I wanted to teach her and tell her about, but I know those moments will present themselves as she gets older. I am thrilled that my children are a part of this period in our country's history. Until now, the most remarkable part in her United States history has been a war waged by our country ever since she was born.

This extended weekend has allowed some extra crafting time.... so nice. We cut up some really far gone oranges to use as stamps and then roamed the house looking for other items. She found a toilet paper roll (paper gone) and I found a thread spool (thread gone). We could have cut some potatoes, but really, we had all we needed for spectacular art.

This reminds me, I've meant to post a link for "Kid's Craft Weekly." I tell everyone I know about it because it's a free subscription, and just wonderful. Really! Click here and take a looksy. At the bottom of the page is a place to sign up your email... no paper. I've never gotten any unwanted mail from this site and it's a monthly inspiration for me.

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jen dB said...

yay!! love the crafts, love the discussions... we've been having some great ones around here, too!