Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Word Wednesday


Detailing the last six days would take pages. There is nothing like a crisis to get you counting all your blessings. We have so many. The support that we got from family and friends was truly amazing. Child care, meals, emails, phone calls.... it was pretty astounding how many people care about us. It makes you realize who your closest friends are when bad things happen.

The other thing I'm feeling grateful for is my husband. Having him "absent" on narcotics/muscle relaxers and flat in bed made me realize what a team we are. He is the only adult I talk to every day. He is an amazing father, and without him the kids were adrift. Somehow, everything was out of balance, and I struggled to get my footing. I felt lonely and exhausted many times during those days; I never want to parent without him. It really puts "for better or for worse" in perspective.

So today, I am focusing on being grateful. Grateful that he is recovering, grateful that we have so much love in our lives, and grateful that although we are experiencing a temporary loss in income, we are not destitute. Grateful, grateful, grateful. I'm going to hang on to the fullness of that word as much as I can today.


Cheryl Arkison said...

I'm glad you are finding some peace. You'll make it through, I know you will.

Melissa said...

I'm so, so glad you are on the other side of the mountain. You know, the mark of a good marriage is how it weathers crisis-- yours must be very strong, indeed. And you are a strong woman to hold the family together when you have to (don't forget that, either!)

Dana said...

you sound like a good team indeed. :)

marilyn kaylor said...

I'm glad things are looking up.