Monday, August 24, 2009

Handmade goodness

One of the things I love about birthdays is the opportunity to make a gift and give it to that special someone. Celebrating their day of birth and the richness of having that person in my life is an awesome thing. And of course, it's an excellent excuse for me to get to make something. So this is what I gave my little guy for his birthday, and he was thrilled to finally receive his own art set. (His big sister has so many which she often shares, but still it's just not the same as having your very own when you're the second kid.)

And then something happened. I just couldn't stop making them. So I made one, two three, four more. Two went to special friends for their birthdays and two went to my shop. So you can have one too, if you want!

An owl one went to my friend's daughter. Her youngest and my youngest have a birthday on the very same day. By the end of the summer, they've gotten to spend plenty of time together so for the past two years we've had a joint birthday party for them. It's always so sweet to see them together and we know that these shared parties may not be every year, but for now it's so very fun and sweet.
I've been so lucky to have several good friends who are crafty mamas. They inspire me and buoy me up through the hum drum days. (You know who you are, girls. Thank you.) So that mama of the same day birthday girl? Look at what she made my little guy! She made a shirt for him last year too, and each year he wears his number with pride and points to it on his shirt. Liz is one talented lady, and if you need an extra cute t-shirt from someone special, olliekate is the place to get it.

Seriously cute, isn't it? Check out the one she made for her little girl. I do love birthdays, sewing, and good friends.


liz at olliekate said...

Thanks Heather! Love all that crafty goodness :)We are enjoying our pencil roll so much! She is proud that it is hers alone.

Cheryl Arkison said...

That would have been a much better gift than what I attempted to make The Monster at Christmas. Here is your notice that I'm stealing it.

Melissa said...

Love it all!

Wendy said...

Your pencil rolls are beautiful!
Yes, I agree, don't know what I would do without my 'sewing sisters' and girlfriends in general!

Dana said...

seriously cute for sure!