Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My sweet boy's birthday

I vividly remember the moment this picture was taken. It was days before my sweet boy arrived. We have no a/c and it was the hottest summer we've had in a while. I spent as much time floating my big belly in the pool as I could. I remember crying the night that I went into labor (before it started.) I just didn't think I would make it. Running after my three year old daughter, with my swollen body in the incredible heat, was more than I thought I had in me. Then my labor began; he was a couple of weeks early and I was so grateful.

It feels silly now, to write all of that. Every minute of that heat and discomfort was worth the unbelievable little spirit who fills our lives now. He is amazing... a source of joy and constant activity. He has been a water child since the day he arrived. Each summer at the pool, he pitches himself in. Before he ever turned one, he was enthusiastically going under water. At Montessori they chuckled constantly about his choice for water play; every day that boy was drenched. This summer, he has begun swimming underwater to me now. I marvel at how quickly he is growing and changing. Now he is three, and it is just so apparent that he's not my little baby anymore. He still seeks me out, but his independance is clear. And to think that just three years ago, I was desperate for him to "hurry up" and come on out. What I wouldn't give now for him to slow down just a little bit.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Big Stuff. You are our little buddy and we are so glad that you're here.


Cheryl Arkison said...

What a fantastically gorgeous photo!

Scout Horticultural Consulting said...

I love your blog- it is so you! I just saw your comment...sorry it took me so long to respond!

I started blogging a couple of weeks ago to try to advertise a little bit. The response has been great!

I read a bunch of your posts...very addictive. I want that small bag with the owls on it for my goddaughter.. can I just send you a check?

xoxo, Kari

Dana said...

Happy, happy birthday little man!

patrick said...

I totally agree with Cheryl's comment about that need to enlarge and frame!! Wouldn't it be so cool for him to have that to share someday with his own family! Pregnant bellies are one of my favorite things to see out in the world and yours was just gorgeous!!! Noreen