Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What our honey bees are lovin'

It is amazing how quickly we have adapted to having thousands of bees in our garden. We all watch out for them as we are working and playing. No one wants to accidentally harm a bee. They are a part of our family, and we can't imagine a time when it wasn't that way.

These volunteer sunflowers were such a lovely gift. They seeded themselves all in a neat row and stand about 8 feet tall, beckoning to us when you look out our bedroom window. I will be so sad when they fade.

Goat's beard, a native plant to this area, turns out to be a favorite of the bees.

Red bee balm is a flurry of activity for the bees and for our increasing population of humming birds.

Our honey is ready to harvest when we get around to it. The poplar flow is over and the sourwood has begun. I grinned with pride the other day when my six year old declared that "My Big Backyard" magazine got it wrong because they identified a honey bee in a picture and called it a "he." Indignantly, she exclaimed, "that bee's a 'she'!" I looked more closely and she was absolutely right. The picture was of a female worker bee, not a male drone. She wants to write them an email... that should be interesting.

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