Monday, July 6, 2009

A new women's bag is in the shop!

It's a celebration, of sorts, I guess. It was four years ago this month that I made my first round of quilted bags for sale. I was so nervous that people would be critical or wouldn't buy them. I smile now, because although I'm not about to strike it rich, I've never gotten "stuck" with a bag. They always sell, and it's so gratifying to see my bags around town. One day I saw a complete stranger with my bag, and I swear I just glowed. It was a little embarrassing. I wasn't the least bit humble, and I usually am. She told me how much she loved her bag and how many compliments she received all the time.

I"m loving "drawing with thread" on Anna Maria Horner's designs. She is such an amazing artist, and it makes the quilting of this fabric extraordinarily gratifying. It is just so fluid, and very relaxing.

I thought it would be fun to take a pic of the back side of the quilting so that you could really see my "drawing." Don't you just want to take out a sketchbook and grab a pencil? Just let your hand start flowing. I swear, leaves and flowers have always been the easiest for me to draw. The lend themselves to free motion.

So here it is, and it's in the shop. Go take a look if you get the chance.


Melissa said...

I'm so going to go try this. Right this second. I love that you showed the back side... it's awesome. And thanks for the comments on my shop...I'm going up to size 6, but I guess I need to make that more clear! I love feedback.

Did you make that little owl? He's so awesome. I saw the giveaway too late, but I couldn't figure out how you were connected to him!

liz at olliekate said...

It's gorgeous, of course. I still want one too! We are heading to the pool today, are you coming?