Monday, July 13, 2009

More bags in the shop!

Yesterday was MY day. I do believe I needed it. I went for an early morning trail run and saw a solitary blue heron take off in flight from the water. I think I've been seeing the same single heron for years, off and on. I always take it as a sign of peace and serenity.

I spent most of the day by myself. I had my hair done, and had the best conversation with the woman who cuts my hair. I've known her for years now, and I enjoy the friendship that we've developed. We talked about the drive to create, and it's spiritual aspects. She pointed out that she had once heard someone say that to ignore that need within ourselves was to deny our divine connection.... or something to that effect. It made perfect sense to me. Creating makes me a better person, and it is such an intuitive thing that it's hard for me to put into words.

Then I perused Big Crafty in downtown Asheville, and got totally inspired. So, of course, I came home and sewed. (It was waaaaay too hot to garden.) Here's a couple more bags for the shop. Last week, the bag I posted sold in 24 hours so I kind of felt like a tease. But here are some more! A nice start to the week, all in all. I could use plenty more days like yesterday, but the one will have to do for now....

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Melissa said...

I'm so glad you had a day. I know that the working world is hard work, but I've always felt that the mothering world is a million times harder. I feel so refreshed after the kind of day you describe-- and how did I miss Big Crafty? What is that?