Monday, July 20, 2009

This weekend...

Let's see.... there was sewing, swimming, eating from the garden, fishing, running, playing, napping, and some reading. All the usuals really, plus a nice visit with friends and also a couple of hours away at the Southern Highland Craft Guild fair by myself.
One of the parts of this weekend that I most enjoyed was sharing with two women who are both close to fifteen years older than me. Each has children that are teenagers or college students now. It was refreshing to be around so much laughter and I appreciated their perspective on my life. Over and over again, they marvelled at our garden or my sewing. They made me feel as if our life was really spectacular when some days I truly feel that it is not. They reminded me how quickly this time will pass with young children.... that these young ones will soon be grown and not want to spend so much time around me. They remembered the fatigue and the fears, and they didn't gloss over the reality of that. It is really such an amazing thing when women can share their experience in a way that buoys you up and doesn't bring you down.

So... this weekend was full, in a good way. Oh.... and I forgot to mention the toe painting experience. Who's do you think these are? It's important to photo document as many of the "firsts" as you can, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

Heather! You are an amazing woman...wife,mother,sister,daughter, my friend(like that one the most)!! Not to mention a shining example to so many. Loved reading your posts and seeing so many beautiful photos of your wonderland. You and John are two of the coolest people we know!!!! Like your brother-in-law says...your blogging is so enjoyable to read. Very informative,educational and quite sensitive. Oh, it was so sweet to spend Friday evening with you all! Those kids are such a treat to be around! Patrick did deliver Leo's KISS! We love you guys!! You know and I do hope you feel it too!!!! Noreeen