Monday, March 16, 2009


I put this skirt and shirt together from my daughter's crib sheet. She loves the print, and so do I. Last weekend we got bunk beds for the kids off of Craig's list. So... we had to get big girl and boy bedding. Up to that point, my almost six year old had been on a crib mattress in a beautiful toddler bed that her dad made for her. (Luckily, she's fairly petite.) It is an exquisite bed, and it's hard not to see her sleeping in it. He milled the wood from trees he had cut, dried it, planed the boards and built a hardwood bed of his own design. I should have taken a pic of that bed and posted it. It's way more impressive than my outfit for her.
This morning she bounced out the door in her brand "new" dudes. It was fun to make up a sweet little cost-free surprise for her.

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Liz said...

cute, cute!! did you use a pattern, I like it. I made 2 skirts for K this weekend, I will post them this week.
Would love to see you soon.