Thursday, March 12, 2009

Focusing on the light

Well, it's back inside for me today and so I'm going to post. I'm feeling a tad bit grouchy about the cool temperatures that have returned. We've had days in the sixties, even seventies for almost a week. It was phenomenal, and I was lucky to answer email or serve dinner. We barely came inside; it just felt so good to be out. I revisited this video today because it makes me really happy. All of these people from across the world joining together in a way that makes sense to them and feels good.... dancing. My sister engraved on my Ipod, "dance like no one's watching." She knows me so well. Movement and breathing help me to break up fear. (And these are times filled with fear.) Throw smiling and music in, and I'm set. At least until the next anxious worry crosses my mind....

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