Friday, February 20, 2009

printing some more

Oooo... I think that I am addicted. I really got jazzed creating these prints. I love drawing the picture, then carving the stamp, then designing with the print. After this first attempt using paint and roller, it became very clear to me that learning to use the right amount of paint is a bit of a science. Still, I had a ball playing around. I purchased my first fabric paints the other day, but wanted to practice with our cheap acrylics on paper first. I'm glad I did and I think I will continue fussing around with this technique on paper before I use my expensive fabric paints on some of my precious linen.

This ginko leaf is one that I drew in January on the day that we helped our 13 and a half year old dog pass away. It was such an emotional day and I felt so empty. I wanted to create something from my grief and found myself drawing. It feels good to print something with this leaf drawing, now carving, a month later. It is a nice sense of time passing, healing even as we continue living. Our dog was a sweet old soul.

Remember my owl? My friend was carved with PZ Kutz, Grade B . I really enjoyed this material. However, I have a strong opinion about the material I used for the ginkgo leaf. Speedball Speedy-Cut. I will NEVER use it again. It is very crumbly, difficult to work with, and clearly will not last over time. I recommend never buying it. Anywho.... so fun to print with the owl, and now I know that I want to carve away at it some more to make the lines more bold. Fun stuff... experimenting, and changing as you go.This one has a calling to be used for some of my daughter's birthday invites, I do believe. We'll see if she agrees.


Liz said...

Hey Heather. Love the new crafts you have been trying. THings are slow around here,Gray has been sick all week and I have not gotten out at all. Today is A's birthday so we are celebrating him!
I miss you, we need to get together. I have not really made anything except that ruffle skrit and it bombed. :(
I am sorry to hear about your dog. I know that must be so hard for you. Take care friend and let's see each other soon.

Katie said...

I have been wanting to create a stamp for my signature on the back of my pottery - it doesn't look so difficult after all! Thanks for the advice about the materials!