Thursday, February 19, 2009

kids love to felt

I have discovered that kids LOVE to needle felt! Upon a suggestion from my friend, a Montessori teacher, we brought out the cookie cutters for our adventure. I also later learned from Golden Sun Family that you can use chop sticks to hold the felt out of the way of these painfully sharp needles.

For our crafting event, long time friends came over to join us. As is often the case, this mama and I were on exactly the same page. She had planned to felt with cookie cutters, as well, after reading about it in Jenn Docherty's new book, "Sweet Needle Felts: 25 Projects to Wear, Give, and Hug."

Our five and six year old daughters had no trouble getting the hang of felting within the cookie cutter. Soon they were creating their own work, adding wool and colors as they pleased. Each girl, I think, suffered one needle poke, but it was all they needed to learn and really no big deal.

They made several beautiful pieces. To some, we glued pin backs on. These looked so sweet on various friend's and family member's jackets. They would also make wonderful ornaments.

Of course, I had to give it a try with my trusty elephant cookie cutter. I love that little guy. (I swear I didn't have kids just so I could have an excuse to sit around and craft!) So... in Jenn Docherty's book, there is instruction for putting your felted object on a t-shirt. I gave it a try, and it turned out pretty cute. You simply needle felt the object onto the stretchy t-shirt with the foam underneath. Easy peasy. Then I hand sewed a button on for an eye. Now, I have to see how it washes. Stay tuned for more detail on that.

I definitely see more needle felting in our future. I can't rave enough about how inexpensive and fun it is.
(P.S. for you locals, this book is in our library system... go check it out!)
(P.P.S. I did wash this shirt in cold with my machine which has an agitator, and hung it to dry. It turned out great!)

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