Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sewing like a mad woman

I am sewing every second that I can squeeze in, including evenings. I've even put my mom to work and thank goodness because an extra hand is much needed. I'm participating in a craft show this weekend with a bunch of amazing women. Part of the proceeds will go to the women's shelter. Two wonderful friends organized the whole thing! Let me tell you, I know this is no easy task as I'm in the midst of organizing a craft sale fundraiser for our Montessori school. Busy, busy right now. My students were lucky to get a lecture from me yesterday. It was shameless how last minute my class prep was. I felt like more of a student than an instructor. Don't tell, O.K? I'm sticking to acting like I've got it together in public. You should see the state of our house right now.

So... back to sewing for me while my little guy is at Montessori and my big girl at school. Maybe I'll have time for a picture or two of some completed work before Sunday. We'll see.


Liz said...

Beautiful fabrics. I can't wait to see them in person!
You are so talented Heather!
See you on Sunday, yay!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am so glad I learned today that you have a blog. Wish I had known sooner. Your purses are beautiful!