Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He won, he won!!!

No, not the snail, silly! Barak Obama!!! What a landmark election for our country. I was probably the only person I know that went to bed at 9 last night. I had to. I was just exhausted. A part of me really wanted to stay up, but I knew I wasn't up for the heightened state of anxiety that I would feel until the electoral vote became clear. So I made the decision to go to bed, and take care of myself. This morning I snuck to the computer in the dark of the morning after brewing my coffee. I was so nervous, and then I clicked on the server and up it popped. I started crying with a huge grin on my face. I watched the clips and I read our state results. I just kept crying and grinning. Never in my lifetime have I felt the sense of hope politically that I feel today. Our state voted "blue" for the first time in 3 decades. We elected our first female governor, Bev Perdue. The people in our state ignored it's incumbent Senator's negative campaign tactics, and chose Kay Hagan. Heath Schuler defeated his opponent with 62% of the vote without a single ad on T.V. or radio.

I am so energized by the collective decision of our country and state. Yes, the winners are people I voted for, but there is more to it. I feel energized by the voter turnout. Since I became of voting age, I have noticed an apathy among voters of my generation and younger. It has bothered me for years, and I've spent some time thinking on it. I've talked with my students who are a diverse group seeking Associates degrees. It is a sense that politicians are so crooked, that why should anyone bother to vote? It has been reinforced by the sense that one person can not make enough of a difference. This election showed that trend turning, and hopefully reinforced the idea for all citizens that "yes, you can!"

Hope and faith are elusive. Lately, I have been clinging to hope because it feels as if our country is in shambles. This energy that I call "hope" begins for me, quietly within, and radiates outward. I see that energy with our president elect and it is spiraling ever outward.

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