Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy little bag bee

Wow. The show last weekend was a huge success... for everyone! It's so cool to have an event that supports handmade crafters AND women at our local homeless shelter. Thanks again, Rebecca and Liz for all your hard work!
These are 5 of the quilted women's bags that I made out of a total of 10. I'm so glad that I took pictures that morning because they're all gone now. I sold 8 of these bags and only have 2 left. I'm saving those other two for a show in a couple of weeks.
The show coming up is the reason I have not been posting lately. And it's not because I'm so busy making stuff for it! I'm co-organizing it with another lovely women. Holy cow. I had no idea how much time organizing a fundraiser for a non-profit could eat out of every day. It's exciting, though. I'm knocking out two of my passions at one time. The show is to benefit our Montessori school which is very dear to my heart. Plus, I get to help provide a high quality venue for local handmade artists! Now, how awesome is that? Oh... except that I am exhausted and overwhelmed because I'm still doing all I did before, plus this. Any women out there who can relate? So... not much blogging going on these days, but it's all for some good causes. The etsy shop is a bit quiet too. Big sigh.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Glad to hear from you. Your bags are beautiful! I am glad the holiday craft sale was so successful!

serenitymeadow said...

Your bags are absolutely gorgeous. I can see why they sold so did a great job!

marilyn said...

Your bags are terrific! Are you doing multi day multitasking! Love ya, M

Cheryl A said...

Great job... I may be putting in an order... if you'll take one.

Simply Stork said...

your bags are lovely :o) I'm so glad you got a shot of them too:o)