Thursday, July 1, 2010

An update

My mom did well in surgery yesterday. Her body and spirit were really strong. She had 5 bypasses, and is recovering in the ICU. The past 48 hours were grueling in many respects, but there were some amazing moments too. Being with my sisters, my cousin, and my dad while we waited was just wonderful. I also felt incredibly supported by my husband, friends, and other family members. So many people stepped up to the plate to care for our kids, and bring meals. It allowed me to drop everything and go. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed to be there. I truly believe that change is good, and positive things will be occurring.


Melissa said...

The best news I've heard in a long time. I'm so glad that the hardest part is behind you. It sounds like she is receiving the best care, and you are well-loved and supported. If only we were close enough to do something physically to help, but I'm with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to be there for her. Best of luck!