Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sprucing up the place

I was antsy to get our home in order when I got back. That, and I wanted to nest, so the kids and I hung out for two days straight. It was like a little reunion, really. We didn't have a schedule. We played, crafted, read, cooked, sewed, and ate from the garden. I'm excited about the newest touches to our home. It's been lovely to slowly settle into this new space.

Some more cloth napkins. I was reminded of this print in my stash after attending a recent wedding. She had incorporated it beautifully in various parts of their reception. I couldn't wait to dig the fabric out, and I serged it up. (I definitely think I'll be selling napkins at our annual craft show in the fall. They are beautiful and environmentally sensitive gifts.)

A rocking chair and stool from my sister... before.
After.... an Anna Maria Horner fabric that I've had for a bit. Now I need to figure out how to recover that stool. Hmmmm. I started to tear it apart and it's not pretty.
Pillows using Joel Dewberry's Ginseng collection. I made a zip closure using Katie's wonderful tutorial. She is a fantastic quilter and an expert sewer. Go check it out. Easy peasy.

I feel this room is slowly coming together. It's been an organic process. Rather than filling it with clutter, I've waited to see what things the room needs. (Remember, we moved from a much smaller space and the new house is a tad empty in appearance.) Believe it or not, every single piece of furniture and lamp in this room was given to us or thrifted. We're getting there, and it feels like home.


Melissa said...

Oh, it's looking great! I bet you are just loving all that space. I, of course, love all that Joel Dewberry (my favorite.) Did I spy a beautiful chair in the background of the pillow shot? Do share!

Cheryl Arkison said...

I'm envious of that notion of empty space. Very, very envious.

Anonymous said...

Well I am going to answer for her. Yes, that is a BEAUTIFUL chair!! But that is all I know. Gosh, everything is looking great. Love the new napkins, pillows and esp. the chair fabric. PERFECT!! You take wonderful photos, very creative and inviting. See you soon, LOVE!! Noreen

Sarah said...

Hi Heather! Your Joel Dewberry napkins caught my eye... and then I read about the wedding:) Did I tell you my plan is to quilt all the pieces I used? Hmmm... one day. Your house looks lovely. Organic and indeed a home. So glad for you!