Friday, July 25, 2008


We had such a wonderful time with friends today. It was unplanned, and completely not the normal summertime schedule. It was just soooo nice. We moms talked sewing and dreams. The kids ran around exploring and got along incredibly well. It was just idyllic. Oh, and did I mention that there were conversations COMPLETED by my friend and I?! Now that is a perfect day, no? Plus, it was one of those rare occasions when the kids and I had picked potatoes from the garden along with dill and had just enough potato salad left over for two adults. We ate our first ripe tomatoes from the garden and gobbled down blue and red potatoes. Really, a glass of white wine was quite possibly the only thing that could have made the entire visit more perfect.
P.S. For all you crafters, my little guy is wearing a t-shirt embellished with some embroidery from Jenny Hart's fantastic book, "Sublime Stitching: Hundreds of Hip Embroidery Patterns and How-To." Worth every penny.... good stuff.

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Liz said...

We had such fun today! Thanks Heather for having us at your lovely home ;)
See you soon! L