Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter's wisdom

Yes, we had more snow this weekend. I'm getting very used to it. The kids and I went on a great hike with a friend that involved some ice skating on trails. We spent more time in doors than usual, but filled it with a little crafting, playing, knitting, and sewing. (Baking is out because I'm not eating any more treats. "Enough is enough!" says my waistline.)

It was kind of nice to admit to you all how sad and tired I felt last week. I didn't try to jump start myself. Instead, I just kind of let myself curl up emotionally; I was more quiet than usual.

With my children, I find myself acknowledging and allowing for their "not-so-pretty" emotions... sadness, anger, frustration, boredom. You know the ones, and they usually don't contribute to serene days. I love the moments of joy and laughter, but for every wonderful moment there is a not so great one sure to follow. I'm always reminding myself that they are little humans and that all emotions are appropriate. I work to help them find ways to appropriately express whatever their emotion may be.

Last week, I gave myself permission to feel the not so great emotions. It was hard. Mama keeps the show running, and my kids were keenly aware at times that I was feeling sad. It gave us openings to talk about that. It was kind of nice. I realized that my children's empathy and understanding are deeper than I give them credit.

Yesterday, I perused old files of pictures. I looked my babies' birth pictures, and everything after that. It was so sweet, and I realized that life is catapulting forward. Were do the days go? This one is of my little boy looking out at the snow two Februaries ago. I can remember him chanting "snow, snow, SNOW!!!" with all the excitement of new speech. That, and it used to be a spectacular winter event that RARELY occurred in these parts. Not this year, though.

So, this week, I'm open to experiencing all that life has to offer, easy emotions and yucky ones. I want to continue living intentionally and savoring my time with my loved ones. It is a precious event.

Happy first of March, to you my friends! Here's to Spring creeping down the path. (May she hurry it up, just a little. No pressure, or anything.)


Anonymous said...

YES!! Come on Spring! What a nice post to read. It is amazing how the yrs. slip by us and before we know it everyone our age has gray hair! Just you wait!! Well I can still go to a cardio-funk workout and have a ball. Looking forward to seeing you all hopefully in the near future, but first I must venture back up to NYC with my girl and a bus load of teenagers.....yikes. Keep us in your thoughts please! This past weekend was great and it's so good to have Alex back home! The real Alex!! Love and hugs, n

liz at olliekate said...

lovely post Heather. Thanks for the reminder. As our roller coaster of emotions is riding here too. I think the weather has a lot to do with it. Our lenten promise this year as a family is to be more kind to one another and think before we speak. I have been reminding them of it a lot! Miss you.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

So glad that you are feeling a little better this week. Perhaps a little sunshine is what your body is so desperately lacking.


Cheryl Arkison said...

Wow, rough ride lately. Winter will end, I promise.
Good for you for giving yourself permission to feel ALL the emotions. Just because you ar ethe mom doesn't mean that you have to be happy all the time, just sane most of the time.
Take care.