Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Snow

Oh, why not? I'm laughing at myself for saying on Monday that I was ready to embrace whatever this week brought me. I didn't look at the forecast. Humph.

It is a beautiful one. Different from some of the recent episodes ... very wet, and falling off in great clumps. It is terrific for snow balls. Don't know what the bees think about all of this, though.

We actually had a lot of fun yesterday. It put the daily routine on hold again. Lots of playtime and crafting. Today is another day with no school. I'm starting to feel itchy, but every time I get grouchy, I pick up my knitting or put on some new music. I think we're breaking the baking fast and making banana bread today. Yesterday was several rounds of popcorn and Cara Cara oranges. Have you tried them? Amazing.

The biggest hit, beyond playing in the snow, was making horses from Ann Wood's horse template. She is such an incredible artist! I printed them on card stock, and both kids enjoyed coloring and painting. I made one too. Then, my daughter and I cut them out. We used craft brads rather than wire and buttons. These horses have provided plenty of entertainment in imaginary play. Their moving legs are just brilliant.
If you're running out of ideas, this one is well worth trying.
Edited: go check out Made by Joel; a friend turned me on to his blog in the comments for this post. You won't regret it!


jennifer said...

March, in like a lion and out like a lamb. Moving is bound to raise a lot of dust for sensitive gals like you. I have a theory. It is the spirit's way of house cleaning. Clearing space for new memories and the emotions that go with them. It allows for readdressing past events with the new wisdom you have acquired since their passing. What a gift. See, feel and breathe them in order to convert those old memories and emotions into something that serves you better now. It shows your emotional maturity and sensitivity allowing yourself to have those sad periods. Honour them. And wear a snorkel if you have to because...this too shall pass. Love you.

Cheryl Arkison said...

Oh, the Cara Cara orange. And Ruby Star grapefruits, and honey tangerines. Bring on the citrus!
PS Check out Made by Joel, amazing craft concepts.