Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A retrospective

These photos make me nostalgic. I took these pictures at the end of November. I can't remember seeing this patch of ground without snow. It's been covered in shades of white since December 19. My, how February does drag on this year. I nearly killed myself going for a trail run on the snow and ice this week. Still, I slugged through six miles of varying degrees of ice, slush, mud, and snow. Mentally, I felt better for it, but I pulled my butt muscle. Well worth the sacrifice if you ask me.

This quilt was fun for me and quick. The design is Chinese stacked coins... I think. I used Moda Wonderland, and sliced up a jelly roll. I figured the layout and dimensions on my own. I was just itching to make a quilt and I feel that same itch right now. Sadly, it's not in the cards at the moment.

I made this lap size quilt for sale. My first. I listed it for $195 at our November show. My friend told me later that she felt it was under priced. It was such a lovely compliment. I have no idea. I never listed it to etsy, because I felt so conflicted. Making a quilt for sale just didn't feel quit right. That's hard to explain. I think it's because every ever quilt I've made was filled with intention for the recipient. I often stitch the word "love" into the the free motion quilting of a quilt that I make. That's pretty literal intention, isn't it?

So... because it never felt right to list it for sale, I'm considering donating it for my daughter's school fundraiser. It's a public school that is brimming with good things. What do ya'll think? I'm curious to know. I need to make my decision in the next few days.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I've only made quilts as gifts or donations. It's hard to price them for the work and people don't seem to know how much the material costs. I find even some of the uber-bloggers/quilters far under price their quilts.

It's beautiful btw and was one of the first I made.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Well, you obviously have some attachment to the quilt if you are having a hard time deciding whether to donate it or not. Right?

What are you struggling with? Donating it and then it not making as much money as you think it should? Or, getting rid of it in general.

I always have a hard time getting rid of my quilts if it wasn't what I intended in the first place. I mean, if I set out to make a quilt for someone then I don't grow as attached and I can easily part with it. However, if I make it for no specific purpose then I hate to get rid of it. Is this what you mean too?

Quilts are worth how ever much you think they are worth. And, whoever ends up with this one is LUCKY!!!!

Melissa said...

IF you can part with it-- you should give it to the school. I can't imagine how a quilt could ever be made as anything but a personal gift-- there's so much heart in them. It's beautiful. And you be careful up there. As cold as it is here, I can't imagine how it must be over your way!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Personally, I prefer donation over selling. But I've never done either. I've given quilts away as gifts, but not brought myself to donate either.

I do predict that if you donate it for a fundraiser it will make more money than if you sold it.

liz at olliekate said...

I think it would be well appreciated at your school fundraiser. We have one coming up too and I had these same thoughts. My quilts aren't nearly as good as yours though, so I am sticking with my pillows to donate! They are actually putting it together with the bag you gave :) (and they didn't know we are friends!)
Miss you.